Frequently Asked Question by Customer Portal Users

Q1. I am a new user, how to register my policy on customer portal ?

Ans. User ID can be created by customers who are major and have at least one live policy on his/her life. To register your policies click on the customer portal button > new user tab and fill in one of your policy and other required details on the page displayed and proceed to register your policy. Please note that Mobile no., Email ID, PAN and Aadhaar No. given by you for creating your User ID will be unique identifiers and hence should not be associated with any other User ID already registered on the portal. If the email ID and mobile no. are already associated with another User ID, please provide an alternative Email ID or Mobile No. Once successfully registered on customer portal; you can add your other policies to this registered User ID.

Q2. I have more than one policy; will I have to create multiple User IDs to register my policies on the portal?

Ans. It is advisable to register all your policies under a single User ID.

Q3. Please tell me, how can I enroll multiple policies under the same User ID?

Ans. It is very simple. Go to Basic Services App> Add New Policy tab and proceed to add all your other policies.

Q4. I am unable to add policies to my User ID; message displayed is “Policy cannot be enrolled due to gender mismatch”. Can you please guide?

Ans. It appears that the gender in the policy master is incorrect. Please take up with any of our customer zone or your policy servicing branch office for change of gender in the policy master. If you observe that the gender in the user profile is incorrect, write to us at portalsupport for change of gender in the profile.

Q5. Can I add policies of my family members under my User ID? Also, how do I proceed to add their policies?

Ans. Yes, you can add policies of your spouse and minor children under your User ID. However, you cannot enroll policies of parents, siblings and major children under the same User ID. For adding policies of spouse and minor children, first update family information from Profile Management App > Family Information tab. Please ensure that gender & DOB in the user profile matches with that mentioned on the policy document. After updating the family profile; go to “Basic Services” App > “Add New Policy” tab and proceed to add their policies under respective categories i.e. either spouse or child. If there is any mismatch between the profile and policy details, system will not allow you to enroll the policy and an error message will be shown on the screen. Kindly note that “Premier Services” will be available only on self and minor life policies. Therefore, in order to avail premier services, it is advisable that each major person shall have a separate User ID.

Q6. Can I have separate User ID for my spouse?

Ans. Yes, your spouse can create a separate User ID for himself/herself, but ensure that email ID and mobile number provided for creating the same is not already registered for any other User ID created on our portal. First Delete his/her policies from your User ID, if those are enrolled so. It is advisable to have a separate User ID for your spouse to become eligible for “Premier Services”.

Q7. How do I delete any policy under my userid?

Ans. Log on to customer portal. Go to Basic Services App> policy status> All policies.Click on the trash button appearing on the extreme right against the policy that needs to be deleted.

Q8. Can I have a separate User ID for my minor child?

Ans. Minor's are not allowed to have a separate User ID for themselves. Hence you will have to add their policies under User ID created for parents’ policies.

Q9. Can I enroll policies of my parents, siblings and major children under my User ID?

Ans. No, you cannot add policies of parents, siblings and major children to your ID. Please ask them to create a separate User ID for themselves to avail all services offered through portal.

10. What is the benefit of enrolling on the customer portal?

Ans. All your policy details will be available under one User ID. You will enjoy lots of Basic & Premier Services.

Basic Services: Available on enrolled policies on the life of Self, Spouse & Minor Children.

  1. All your policies shall be made available under one User ID and you can pay premium online.
  2. Loan interest and repayment of loan can be also done online.
  3. Online premium receipt/ loan interest payment receipt/ Loan repayment receipt can be generated. Receipts for current FY and previous 2 FY are made available for printing at any point of time.
  4. You shall have premium due calendar as a ready reference; no need to remember the premium due dates and premium amount.
  5. You can view policy status, loan status, policy schedule, claim status etc online
  6. Premium paid certificate for all your policies individually or clubbed together can be downloaded for 3 financial years.
  7. Revival quotations can be generated for lapsed policies.
  8. Many more features will be added in the near future.

Premier Services: Available only on enrolled policies on the life of Self and Minor children.

  1. Under premier services you can view policy and proposal form images.
  2. Claim history for your enrolled policies.
  3. Application for online loan on policies can be made.
  4. Registration for Online change of address.
  5. Facility for Online mode change.[Allowed from lower to higher frequency]
  6. Online Switching of Funds under ULIP policies.

Q11. I have forgotten my User ID/Password. How can I retrieve it?

Ans. Please use “Forgot User ID/Password” link to retrieve your User ID/Password. Please note to click on the appropriate radio button for retrieving the details. User ID will be sent to your registered email ID and mobile no. OTP for re-setting the password will also be sent to your registered email ID and mobile number.

Q12. How can I change my mobile no. and email ID, which has been already registered by me on the portal?

Ans. Email ID and Mobile no. can be changed by the User from Profile Management App> Personal Information> Contact Details tab. Policyholder will be taken through an OTP based verification process. On successful verification of the email ID and mobile no, the same will be updated to the User’s Contact details.

Q13. How can I change the Aadhaar No. / PAN wrongly entered by me while registering the policies?

Ans. If wrong Aadhaar No./PAN has been keyed in by the User at the time of registration of the policies, the same can be changed by the user from Profile Management App > Personal Information Tab > Digital KYC. Kindly note that Aadhaar and PAN updated here is for the purpose of KYC of portal user and the same will not be considered for linking to the policy records.

Q14. Can premium be paid online in advance or after due date?

Ans. Premium can be paid online for dues falling within the financial year and up to the grace period for payment of premium after the due date.For policies eligible for spot revival,premiums can be paid online alongwith late fees even after grace period as per policy conditions.For all other policies,premium cannot be paid online after the stipulated grace period.

Q15. How do I get premium receipts for premium paid through customer portal?

Ans. Receipts for premium paid online through customer portal are printed in the name of the user account holder. However, name of the life assured is mentioned against each policy number for which payment is received. Premium receipt is sent to the email ID registered under customer portal and can also be downloaded any time from the Basic Service App > Online Receipts. Last three years receipts are available for download at any point of time.

Q16. I am not able to print or download premium paid certificate/ Online payment receipts etc. Can you please help?

Ans. Premium paid certificate/Online payment receipts are available under Basic Services App. Please note that premium paid certificates, online premium receipts and all other downloads are enabled on a separate pop up window. Therefore, we request you to ensure that pop up is always kept on in your internet browser. In other words, pop up blocker should be kept off to enable printing/downloading of any documents from customer portal.

Q17. I am a NRI and I do not have a PAN or Aadhaar No.; how can I enroll my policies on customer portal?

Ans. PAN and Aadhaar no. are not mandatory for registration under customer portal, but it is advisable to give the same for digital KYC purpose. Alternatively, you may provide your passport no. while registering on customer portal.

Q18. When I try to login with my credentials; I am getting the message “Your data does not match with our records”. How can I login?

Ans. Please ensure that User ID, Password and DOB are correct. Use forgot User ID/Password link to retrieve your User ID and reset your password. DOB should match with that mentioned in your policy document. First time login to new portal has to be with User ID only. For subsequent login, you may use other credentials such as email ID or mobile no. If problem persist, write to us at portalsupport

Q19. While adding policies of self/spouse/minor children to my registered User ID, I am getting a message; “Policy does not pertain to you”. Can you please clarify the same?

Ans. Kindly ensure that the user profile details of self, spouse and children are consistent with the policy details with specific reference to gender and DOB. Also, ensure that these policies are not already enrolled under different User ID. If enrolled under different User ID, the user account holder should write to us for deletion of the same. If you are unable to locate the reason, write to us at portalsupport and we shall be glad to resolve your issue.

Q20. I am getting a message “Registration failed” while registering for E services/ verifying personal details on the portal. Can you please guide?

Ans. Sometime due to network failure, such messages may be displayed on the screen. We request you to try again after sometime. If problem is persistent, please write to us at portalsupport

Q21. Where can I find bonus information on my policies?

Ans. Bonus information are available under Basic Services App> Policy Status> Bonus Information. Please note that bonus declared is displayed for policies eligible for bonus and where 3 years premiums are paid.

Q22. How do I register for premier services?

Ans. Login with UserID/Password on LIC Customer Portal.All the eligible policies enrolled will be displayed. Click on “Print/Save” Form.Print the Registration Form and sign it.Create a scanned image of the signed form and any one of the KYC documents.Upload the scanned form, click on submit.The request will be sent to Customer Zone for verification. An acknowledgement will be sent after verification.

Q23. How can I apply for online loan ?

Ans. Policyholder can apply for online loan on policies which are eligible for loan and which are already registered for premier services. Application for online loan can be done from Service Registration App>Service Request>Online Loan Request.

Q24. How do I register for online address change?

Ans. Users who have registered for Premier Services can register their online request for change of address under policies on own life and on the lives of minor children.It can be done from Service Request> Address Change. It is an OTP based process.

Q.25.How do I get NEFT/PAN registered online?

Ans. The option for Online NEFT/PAN registration is available under Service Requests.The user is required to upload a cancelled cheque leaf and a copy of the PANCARD.

Q26. How to switch the Fund type Online under ULIP policies

Ans. Portal users who have registered for Premier Services can select the “Online ULIP Fund Switch” option from the Service Request Registration menu for online switching of funds under ULIP policies.It is a OTP based process.

Q27.How do I change the Mode Of Premium Payment Online

Ans. Portal users who have registered for Premier Services can select the “Online Change Of Mode” option from the Service Request Registration menu after log in.It is a OTP based process.

Q28. I had created multiple User IDs for different policies under your erstwhile portal. How do I merge these User IDs?

Ans. We have enabled merging of Multiple User IDs of the policyholder at the user level itself. Existing users are allowed access to one User ID only to which they login first on the new portal. For other User IDs, they will not be allowed access. An alert message will be displayed that “ Your Mobile No./ Email ID/ PAN/Aadhaar is already associated with another User ID. Do you want to transfer policies from this User ID to your Verified User ID?”  Proceed to click on yes button and give the Verified User ID name. Policies will automatically get transferred to your Verified User ID. Please ensure that the email Id/mobile no./PAN /Aadhaar are same for both the User IDs. All these fields are editable, hence ensure that same details are given for both the User ID. for enabling auto merge option.

If, you are unable to use auto merge option, you may write to us at portalsupport to delete your inaccessible multiple User IDs. Once these multiple User IDs are deactivated by us, you can proceed to add the policies attached thereto to your functional User ID through “Basic Services” App > “Add Policy” tab.

Q29. I had a separate User ID for my minor child in the old portal, but the same is not accessible now under current portal. Can you please help?

Ans. We have not migrated User IDs solely created for minor policyholder. Hence you are not able to access the same in our current portal. We request you to add their policies under child category to the User ID created for yourself/spouse. Please also refer to Query no. 7.

Q30. I have used the same mobile no. and email ID for User IDs created for myself and other family members on old portal. How can I change it?

Ans. You will be allowed access to one of the User IDs being accessed first on the new portal. For other User IDs, after login a message wil be given that “Mobile/Email ID already associated with another User ID”. Please change the mobile and email ID on the page displayed and fill in all other required details. Proceed to confirm personal details of the user. Access will be granted to the other User IDs as well.

Q31. I had created an User ID long time ago on your old portal. But the same is not accessible now on new portal. I get a message “User does not exist”. Can you please guide?

Ans. We had applied certain parameters while migrating existing users. It seems, your User ID did not comply with the requirements. (For e.g. infrequently used IDs, inconsistent policy and User ID profile details etc. were not migrated). We request you to write to us, we shall look into the matter and offer solution for the same. Alternatively, you may register afresh on the new customer portal.

Q32. I had created different User ID for self and spouse under old portal. Now I want to add my spouse’s policies under my User ID. How can I do the same?

Ans. Please ask your spouse to send us an email to delete her User ID. Once this is done, you shall be able to add her policies to your User ID. For adding policies, update spouse’s details under family information and proceed to add her policies from Basic Services App> Add Policy tab under spouse category.

Q33. Why some of my policies already enrolled is missing from my User ID after migration to new portal?

Ans. Due to data mismatch, we might not have migrated all your policies under your User ID. Kindly write to portalsupport , we shall help you in the matter. You may also try to add these policies, if some error message is displayed, please act accordingly.

Q34. Why policies of my parents, siblings and major children already enrolled under my User ID are missing after migration to new customer portal?

Ans. Policies of parents, siblings and major children cannot form part of your User ID., as per new portal policy; hence we have not migrated the same. We request you to create a separate User ID for each of them under new customer portal.

Q35. I am an existing User of customer portal, but why I am not able to view annuity and group insurance policies details on new portal?

Ans. These features are currently not available in the new portal. We will enable them shortly. Meanwhile, you may access the same by logging on to old portal link which is available in our website: > Online Services>Pension and Group schemes.

Miscellaneous queries:

Q36.What is the browser requirement to access the website?

Ans. Please ensure browser compatibility as below to access our portal:

  1. Internet explorer v11.0 & above
  2. Mozilla Firefoxv38 & above
  3. Google chrome v44 & above
  4. Safari 10.022 & above

Q37.My question isn’t answered here. What shall I do?

Ans. Please write to us at portalsupport with full details of your query alongwith screen shots of the error messages, we shall be glad to assist you in the matter. Please ensure to mention your policy no., registered mobile no. and email ID in all your communication.Also note to forward further references with related earlier communications.